X-PLORE Stations

What is an X-PLORE Station?

An X-PLORE Station is a structure that contains free, hands-on educational materials for children. These engaging opportunities inspire students to learn and explore new interests.  

The materials inside cover a wide variety of topics, including STEM; reading, writing, and world languages; arts and design; games and puzzles; environment and sustainability; and health and wellness.

Each X-PLORE Station is tailored to the specific needs of its community. Some are stationary, and some are mobile. Many are tailored to elementary-aged students, while some have resources for older or younger children. Although each station is unique, they all foster curiosity and exploration.

X-Time is working with community centers and hospitals in Champaign County, Chicago, and California to offer more X-PLORE Stations. 

Where can you find our X-PLORE Stations?

X-PLORE Stations are located in community centers, libraries, support centers, and hospitals around the country. 

The first X-PLORE Station opened in Fall 2022 in the Innovation space at the Martens Center in Champaign, Illinois. The Don Moyers Boys & Girls Club members enjoy visiting the community center each day. You can learn more about the Martens Center here. X-Time has formed a collaboration with the University of Illinois and the Champaign Park District to create the Full STEAM Ahead program, designed to offer classes connected to the X-PLORE Station. Visit our Class page to learn about upcoming opportunities.

A mobile X-PLORE Station opened in Winter 2022 at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. This station with individual kits and easily sanitized resources was designed specifically for the pediatric inpatients. X-Time worked closely with child life specialists at the hospital to customize the station.

X-Time created STEM kits for the students at Y on Fly to use over their Spring Break!

More X-PLORE Stations are Coming Soon!

The grand opening of an X-PLORE Station in a community center in Chicago will take place on Februray 26, 2023. 

X-Time is also working with so many incredible organizations, with additional stations scheduled to open in Spring 2023:

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Crisis Nursery
  • Douglas Branch of the Champaign Public Library
  • The Family Room
  • OSF Hospital Peoria
  • Y on the Fly

Also, X-Time is working with centers and hospitals from coast to coast, expanding our reach, with more stations coming soon!

We will be posting pictures and updates about the stations on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow us!

Interested in an X-PLORE Station for your community?

Contact X-Time at xtime.champaign.urbana@gmail.com. We are excited to hear from you!