What We Offer

X-Time offers a variety of classes, so children can be exposed to new activities from their homes. The classes will change each month, and they will include gymnastics, writing, performing arts, math, martial arts, yoga, acting, cooking, coding, and so much more!

These free, online classes are 30 minutes long on Zoom. Families can register by either emailing us or completing the registration form below. All classes are free, and any donations will go directly to the COVID-19 Relief Fund through the United Way of Champaign.

Below are classes being offered for the months of September and October. Some classes have a maximum capacity, so please sign up as soon as possible!

upcoming classes:

DRAWING FOR KIDS CLASS: Monday, February 1st from 4 to 4:30 pm
Does your child want to explore the exciting skills and the great fun of drawing? Come join us for a drawing class led by Hua Nian. She is a local art instructor and has been teaching children in her Hua Nian Art studio for more than 20 years. She is also a talented artist, whose works have been featured in American Artist Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times. Participants will only need pencil and paper. To learn more about Hua Nian, visit her website at:

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previous classes:

Martial Arts lead by Dragon Claw Academy
Acting lead by Class Act
Creative Writing with Alice McGinty
Yoga lead by Amara Yoga
Gymnastics with Champaign Gymnastics Academy
Music lead by Sam’s Cello Studio
Ballet with Champaign Ballet Academy
Math with Grace Jaffe, PhD candidate at the University of Illinois Department of Mathematics
Little Medical School
Halloween Party
Martial Arts lead by Leaders for Life
Hip Hop lead by Urbana Fine Arts
Create & Communicate with Confidence lead by Erin Tarr
Winter Celebration
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