About Us


In math, “X” is the value that is not yet known. Our classes, camps, and stations show students the value in areas they may not know about yet, and deepen their interests in areas they may already enjoy. Also, the topics we cover change just like the value “X” in math changes.

What is your child’s X?

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Meet The Founder

Sophia Libman founded X-Time during the summer of 2020. At this time, many camps and student activities were canceled because of the pandemic, and Sophia wanted to find a way to help provide fun, educational opportunities to children in her community. Her passion to make a difference led to the founding of X-Time, which began with a few online classes and grew to a broad variety of offerings with hundreds of student registrations. Today, it has expanded to include summer camps and X-PLORE Stations, with in-person, hands-on activities. X-Time continues to grow, guided by its mission to provide engaging opportunities to students. 

If you would like to contact Sophia, please email her at xtime.champaign.urbana@gmail.com